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About us
Halal Farms USA is a family business that specializes in producing Halal-Zabiha-Kosher meat and our meat is fresh, not frozen and we do not raise any animals. We have been in business since 1996 and is a USDA federal facility. Our Slaughterhouse is conveniently located near the border of five states (IL, WI, IA, MN & MO). We operate all year, five days a week (not including federal holidays). We buy from 1 to up 500 heads at the time and receive live stock from over 21 states.

We buy all kinds & sizes of goat kids (Boer, Dairy, Spanish, Savannah, any cross breads ... - No Angora or Pigmies), nannies, lambs & sheep. We work directly with ranchers and no need for any paperwork from USDA to sell the animal to Halal farm; our prices based on market price and hanging weight not live weights. We pay ranchers double the price of the current market price for live weight. Ranchers know the price before they deliver the animals. No contracts required, no puck up and payment is mailed on the following Wednesday after delivery. Our slaughter house pins can hold up to 700 heads. We currently are dealing with over 450 independent famers and producers. Ranchers are welcome to come and check the slaughtering processes and provide comments.

Our products are 100% Zabiha Halal in exact accordance with Islamic "Shari’ah" and 100% fresh meat never frozen. We deliver 5 times a week in our own cooler trucks and we also may accommodate 7 days deliveries.

We buy over 50,000 heads each year, and we are seeking 100,000 heads (80% goats, 15% lamb and 5% beef and veal).

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