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Beef Products
We can offer a complete beef slaughtering services. Animals are herded into holding pens and receive a pre-slaughter inspection. The slaughtering process does not include striking the animal unconscious that violates the Shari'ah's rules. The slaughtering of the animal is done swiftly without scaring the animal and the process is so swift that the blood drains out and makes the animal black out and faints.
Beef is a great source of protein and iron and three ounces of beef contributes to less than 10 percent of the Daily Value for nine essential nutrients and also provides an excellent amount of nutrients.

Lamb Lamb

Halal Farms is the largest Islamic (Halal ) slaughter house in the Midwest. All animals would have access to feed and water. We provide detail hanging weight for each animal bought and pay for hot weight carcass NOT cold weight. We do have pickup partners in certain states to help famers with delivery. We offer a free tour in our facilities to any producer or famers.

Lamb Lamb

We offer a whole animal or portion to meet our clients' need. Same day delivery since we have the facilities and our own coolers trucks.

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