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Halal Farms USA is a Halal-Zabiha-Kosher specialty slaughterhouse that sells directly to retailers and restaurants. We do not sell to consumers. Our products are goats, lamb and beef where the animal's slaughtering is done according to the Islamic Law (Sharia). We focus on the production Halal-Zabiha-Kosher meat and our meat is fresh, not frozen. Goats is our Best Seller and our main customers are the Muslim communities in the Greater Chicago, Milwaukee areas. We believe we can also service the demand for other ethnic groups and Health Conscious groups such as:

      Middle Eastern
      Latin American and Caribbean
      Health Conscious such YuPS - young urban professionals

Our goal is help our customers service their customers with highest quality products which are fresh and not frozen. We also want to help our customers meet the new demands for healthy and nutritious products (see Health Conscious and Red Meat pages).

We deliver 5 times a week in our own cooler trucks and we also may accommodate 7 days deliveries. Our facilities have a team expert Muslim personals who perform the slaughtering plus our cleaning processes and the hanging of the cocas in our coolers are used to insure the drainage of all the blood before it is shipped out to market.
USDA inspector works closely with our team to insure the best practices are done according to the United States Laws.

New customers need to call in and register with office in Shannon, IL.
Customers are free to call our plant and schedule a tour of our facilities and processes.
Check our Stores and Restaurants - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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