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Our products are goats, lamb and beef where the animal's slaughtering is done according to the Islamic Law (Sharia) which means that the slaughtering of the animal is done swiftly without scaring the animal or slaughtering one animal in front of another. The person who is slaughtering must be experienced and an adult. The animal should be given food and water before slaughtering it. The name of the Allah must be said before slaughtering the animal, recognizing that the animal really is the property of the Almighty God and slaughtering is taking life with God's permission for food. The animal must be treated with kindness under the circumstances. Normally the process is so swift that the blood drains out and makes the animal black out and faints.

Our Facilities:

Our facilities have a team expert Muslim personals who perform the slaughtering plus our cleaning processes and the hanging of the cocas in our coolers are used to insure the drainage of all the blood before it is shipped out to market. USDA inspector works closely with our team to insure the best practices are done according to the United States Laws.

The Shari'i Zabiha Certificate:
Lamb Lamb

Halal Certificate was issued by The Shari'i Zabiha Committee of Islamic Social Services, which is a Division of Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation in Chicago, Illinois. The Shari'i Zabiha Committee of Islamic Social Services had examined Halal Farms slaughtering processes and had agreed and issued the certificate as their approval of Halal Farms Zabiha processes.

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