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Ranchers and Haulers
Ranchers and Big Picture:
We at Halal Farms USA fully understand that our vendors are the key in our success and we have a cooperative effort where Halal Farms USA and ranchers main goal is to service our clients. We do use of technology and the internet to communicate and we do encourage our vendors to have emails and to use the internet to communicate. We never forget that personal service and quality is the foundation which our business is built on.

Goats is our Best Seller and goat meat is an extremely healthy red meat, low in calories, fats and cholesterol and accounts for approximately 80% of our production. Goat meat is lower in fat than chicken, but higher in protein than beef. According to USDA's annual cattle inventory report for January 2014 showed a continuation in the herd reduction which began in 2007. The total number of cattle and calves in the U.S. on January 1, 2014, was 87.73 million head, down 1.8% from January 2013. The U.S. population grew by 0.72 percent as reported in the July 2013 Census Bureau. This shows that we have room to grow where Halal Farms USA and ranchers can help reverse such red meat decline.

Big Picture

This Big Picture is that Our Market is out there, and we have to secure our animals' Pipelines.

Halal Farms USA's plant is located near the center of the US and is close to major metropolitan areas such as Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul, St Louis and Detroit. Our Market is out there, and we have to secure our animals' Pipelines. We need to team with Ranchers to bring the future to us, instead of waiting for the future to come. Our Team, Plant and Trucks are capable of delivering 1,000 to 1,200 heads a week, and most importantly, we have over 16 years of solid payment records to ranchers.

Halal Farms USA will pay suppliers for the Hot weight (Hanging weight - in our plant) and not live weight (Hot weight is 48% - 50% of live weight). Halal Farms USA’s paying price is double the price of the current market for live weight. We do have a price ceiling that our clients are willing to pay. We buy goat kids and lamb for slaughter, our meat is fresh, not frozen and we do not raise any animals.

Group Hauling - Team Effort is Rewarding:
Hauling is the responsibility of the vendors and not Halal Farms USA. We at Halal Farms USA will provide the guidelines for hauling and help with communication and cooperation.

Group Hauling is definitely the way to go! We encourage ranchers to work with other ranchers in their vicinities and group haul animals to Halal Farms USA. It would help cut costs and build a better cooperative network.

Based on the ranchers and their haulers written agreement, we may pay haulers their hauling fees which would be deducted from the ranchers' Purchase Order (PO).

Since the start of Halal Farms USA, we have been working with group haulers. We have never had any issues with our payments to haulers and ranchers.

We can provide contact information of ranchers in your area after we get their written consent to give out their contact information.

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