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Since 1996 and Halal Farms USA has grown to become one of the largest specialty slaughterhouses in the Midwest. We are close to major metropolitan areas such as Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul, St Louis and Detroit.
Our Team
Halal Facilities

Halal has a full time team of officers and employees who have the goal of providing the highest, health safety and quality products according to USDA. They work closely with USDA fulltime inspector to perform the slaughter processing and the facilities and equipment hygiene and sanitary processes. They also work with farmers and retailers and restaurants owners to service their needs. Our founder is a medical doctor who has the vision of servicing the Muslim communities with Halal meat according to the Islamic Law (Sharia). Farmers, retailers and restaurants' owners can contact Halal team vise phone, faxes and email and we are in the process of incorporating B2B and B2C web services.

Our Trucks
Halal Cooler Trucks

Halal Farms owns three 18 ft cooler trucks that service our clients. Halal farms have a number of routes and can deliver on demands up to seven days a week. Our meat is delivered fresh not frozen and we maintain our guarantees and quality services.
Our Plant
Halal Plant

Halal Farms USA Incorporated is located in Shannon, IL and our plant is equipped to handle big and small slaughtering processes of animals such as cattle, sheep and goats. Our plant can slaughter 500 animal and has the coolers and freezers needed to store them. We offer livestock trailers and trucks docking for unloading animals. Our plan's space and capability are as follows:

4,800 Square Feet
3.5 Acre
8 pins and can hold up to 700 animals where we can provide food and water

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