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Halal - Zabiha
Halal Farms' specialty is slaughtering animals according to Islamic Law. To clarify the term "Zabiha", this page gives a brief description of the following:

            What is Halal?
            What is Zabiha?

What is Halal?
Halal is an Arabic word that means permitted or lawful. Except for pork, most types of regularly consumed meats are permitted, or Halal, for Muslims to consume.

What is Zabiha?
Muslims follow strict religious guidelines when slaughtering any animal which was raised for meat. These guidelines are known as Zabiha. The following are the requirements and processes for performing Zabiha:

Animals must be treated kindly and humanely both before and during the slaughter.
The person doing the slaughtering must be a mentally and physically able Muslim.
The animal must be healthy and alive before being slaughterd.
The knife must be very sharp and the cutting should be swift to ensure the animal experiences as little pain and suffering as possible.
The Arabic words "Bismillah" (in the name of God) and "Allahuakbar" (God is Greater) and a short prayer for the animal must be made before performing the slaughtering.
The jugular artery, food pipe, jugular vein and windpipe must be completely cut off.
Cutting the jugular artery, food pipe, jugular vein and windpipe does the following:
o Cutting the blood supply to the brain puts the animal's brain in shock and the animal becomes unconscious, therefore preventing it from feeling pain.
o The heart races to supply the brain with blood which helps in pumping most of th blood out of the animal's veins. The animal would bleed most of its blood in a few second or minutes.
o Cutting the windpipe prevents the lungs from receiving oxygen and weakens the animal so it does not fight back or struggle.
o As for the animal's temporary kicking and legs thrashing, this is the animal's nerve automatic impulse which ends quickly as the blood moves out of the muscles.

Islamic tradition would have it that this is the most humane way of slaughtering animals without making them suffer (and God knows best).

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